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So I want to start this new year by apologizing for slacking on the food blog. I find myself getting overwhelmed when I think of how many recipes I've let slide without posting them to share. My blog resolution? To post at least 4 recipes per month. Think I can do it? I'll do my best...

But for now I want to share with you my system (because, after all, you may want a system of your own...) As many of you know, I subscribe to two of my most favorite food magazines, Cooking Light and Taste of Home Healthy Cooking. At my leisure and sometimes quite procrastinatorily (I think I just made that up...) I sit down and read each one and pull out recipes that I think I'd like to try. I file them away in an accordion file with headings like "Main Dishes" "Side Dishes" "Desserts" and "Drinks." Then when I sit down to do my weekly grocery shopping I pull out a few new recipes and make my shopping list. It keeps things interesting at mealtime for sure. And fortunately I have a loving and supportive husband who enjoys my kitchen theatrics and the fruits of my labor. But as you can see, I've been falling behind and for the last few months have fallen back on my "easy" meals, not feeling the motivation to keep up with the trend.

I'm feeling it now :) Watch out, here they come...


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