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Double Cheese Meatloaf


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Double Cheese Meatloaf

(*I substitute 1/2 lb lean ground beef and 1 lb 93% lean ground turkey for the beef/pork/veal combo called for in the recipe)

Let's face it, meatloaf is not an attractive dinner no matter how you slice it. Delicious? Yes. Beautiful? No. I would have snapped a photo of my plate had I not devoured my serving before thinking to post the recipe. There's really nothing like having a husband who walks through the door, puts down his briefcase and, with childlike excitement, says "you made meatloaf?!" Along with my children who both cleaned their plates, he reminds me of the very reasons I love to be in the kitchen.

Now meatloaf is a widely diverse recipe I know. And most people either love it or hate it (and some are indifferent.) But I beg you to try this recipe as it is unlike any other meatloaf and is truly worthy of falling back on time and again. Serve with whatever you like but there's nothing like a good baked potato and steamed veggies to accompany an all-time classic.


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