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And so it begins. I've been struggling with the name, the layout, the content... I wanted everything to be just right. I got overwhelmed with the number of food and recipe blogs already existing and thought "who would really want to read MINE???" But then realized that cooking is my passion and even if I only end up sharing it with a few friends and family, then it's still worth the time and effort to me. Will I end up on the "Top 10 food blogs" list? Most definitely not. But since this isn't really a goal of mine, I guess I'll be just fine :)

So let's start with the name. The poll on my family blog ended up putting me into near hysterics (I'm exaggerating of course.) I wanted something fun but wanted my name in it. I wanted people to like it, for it to be catchy, original, my own. But I ended up with so many options I finally had to stop looking. The winner was "Bessman's Best" and while I loved this option, I felt like I couldn't really take claim for all the content on this blog since they are NOT my own original recipes (although I tend to "tweak" them here and there but still can't take all the credit!) And so I created a combination of the two top choices, naming the site "Bessman's Best" and the blog title "Front Burner." I hope this appeals to everyone and if not, well, take it or leave it I guess...

The layout is a work in progress and wasn't what I had originally had in mind. Picture a background photo of me donning an apron and chef's hat with my children in my kitchen. Now THAT is the reality of my passion for food. But this will have to do for now (fun and cute anyway...)

And as for the content... I am backed up with recipes and pictures to post, all of which will be coming soon. I appreciate all the support and look forward to feedback! Thank you and please stay posted!


Congrats on the new blog. I cannot wait to follow along. Your recipes always sound so yummy. I should start trying some of them. :)

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