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Pear Dutch Baby


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Or Apple... as my luck would have it. I decided to make this to accompany the omelettes I was making for Mother's Day dinner. One of my favorites... breakfast for dinner (or "upside down dinner" as my mom's friend calls it.) But it was a spur of the moment recipe decision so I had to substitute apples for the pears. It turned out great but I think next time I would incorporate the apples/pears into the batter rather than as a topping (placing the apples in the skillet and pouring the mixture over them before placing in the oven.) But in any case, this was heavenly. I liken it to a very thick crepe but much easier and yummier. Definitely a keeper!

WARNING: #1- you must own a skillet that is oven proof and can handle the heat... a cast iron skillet works best but any oven proof pan will do. #2- when removing the pan from the oven using your special handle cover that your sister-in-law sent you for just these occasions, LEAVE the cover on the handle after setting the skillet down!!! DO NOT remove the cover only to grab the handle, seconds later, attempting to pick the skillet up, forgetting that it had been in a 425 degree oven!! (what can I say... my cooking comes with casualties...)


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