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Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies


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Um... seriously? There really was no way these could turn out badly. Raspberry? Yum... Cream cheese? Yum... Chocolate? DOUBLE yum! I really could have used a little more cream cheese but hey, recipes are for experimenting... so maybe I'll double the cream cheese filling next time :)

I told the girls at work that I would bring in a batch of brownies and dug out this Cooking Light recipe. Stuck them in the oven and with 25 minutes left to bake, a minor disaster struck our household as my 3-year-old daughter tripped, fell and split her chin open, sending blood all over the dining room floor. As I (slightly overreacting) loaded us all up for a trip to Urgent Care, to my dismay I had to pull the "not yet done" brownies from the oven. Of course my daughter's well being was more important at that point...

But a little skin glue, a bandaid, a sticker and a chocolate milk for being a good sport seemed to remedy the situation. In the process I happened to get called off from work but decided to "rebake" the brownies in an attempt at salvation anyway (no way I was tossing them without at least trying...) It took a little more time than I had anticipated but I managed to bake them back to near perfection. Of course, being called off work meant they were mine for the taking (my "brownie disliking" husband actually ended up enjoying this twist on the classic and ate a few himself.) They lasted a good week... I had to pace myself.

But fear not, I aim not to disappoint my sweet coworkers. The pictured batch was my second round baked for the shift I actually worked which was kindly displayed in the common room and devoured shortly after.

As much as they love to "hate" me for sabotaging their diets, I love them as some of my best food critics and deep down, I know they truly "love" me too ;)


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