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Pan-Grilled Chicken with Cranberry Salsa


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I know I've been slacking on the new recipes so far but it's not for lack of trying them. It's for lack of finding GOOD ones. I mean, I could share the bad ones and the "OK" ones with you. But what's the point in that? My advice would be not to try them and you probably wouldn't... so I save the posts for the outstanding :)

You're welcome...

Here is this wonderfully delicious recipe from... none other than Cooking Light :) I grabbed one of my books and planned the week's meals from that one single book. So far so good... here's the first of several wonderful recipes so far.

My husband loves the combination of turkey and cranberries. Not just at Thanksgiving, although it's his favorite part of the meal. He passes up the gravy and goes straight for the cranberries to top his turkey. A habit that I found strangely sweet (no pun intended) when I first met him. When we were in college and I worked at the food court he would come and order a turkey and cranberry sandwich. It wasn't until I tried one myself (I had a crush on the guy, I had to at least pretend I liked the same things) that I realized he was on to something good. It's the reason I knew he'd love this meal. And when Brendan exclaimed "Aubrey, if you eat the chicken with the yummy sauce then it's REALLY good!!" and cleaned his plate, I knew I found a hit.

*I served it with a fresh green salad and a pasta side dish*

A few alterations to the original recipe: I could not find "cranberry-orange sauce" so I substituted a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce and added one peeled and chopped orange (a can of drained and chopped mandarin orange sections also would have worked.) I also left out the pickled jalapenos... I wanted my kids to love it :) And in a last minute realization that I had forgotten the cream cheese, I used sour cream instead and it turned out just fine.


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